IBM Blogging and Breathing Guidelines

This week IBM announced a new set ofblogging guidelines that encouraged IBM employees to create public blogs. I also came across this great parody of these guidelines, called Breathing@IBM. It is a good laugh.

2 Responses to IBM Blogging and Breathing Guidelines

  1. Anonymous says:

    This isn’t funny. It’s just boring. It’s more or less stupid. Just substitute breathing-related phrases for blogging-related phrases and chuckle. Ha-ha.

    What’s more — you’re a director of marketing and you don’t know the difference between “it’s” and “its”? Give me a break.

    Please don’t clutter up the PlanetEclipse feed with stuff like this.

  2. Ryan Lowe says:

    Anonymous, you can save the pedantry for Eclipse Foundation press releases. Blogging is a much less formal medium.

    As for this post being appropriate for PlanetEclipse, I think it is. Your opinion of its quality has nothing to do with that.

    There are lots of posts on PlanetEclipse that aren’t even related to Eclipse. If you are so concerned about PlanetEclipse’s quality, how about going after those bloggers first?


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