Eclipse Tops in SD Times 100

SD Times just released their annual SD Times 100 annual survey of the most influential companies and organziations in the industry. The Eclipse Foundation come out on top in the Tools and Environments category and listed as one of the key influencers. More importantly a good portion of the 72 companies mentioned, at least 26 by my count, are members of the Eclipse Foundation.

Two other points: 1) ‘The Bazaar’ was recongized as being the top influencer, and 2) Microsoft .NET took the top position in the Deployment Platform category. I think they missed out not including Eclipse RCP in this category. Eclipse RCP is here now and ready to be used.

2 thoughts on “Eclipse Tops in SD Times 100

  1. Agree completely Ian. I’ve recently “converted” from being a total .Net/Windows Forms bigot to drinking the RCP Koolaid.

    My group is now convinced that RCP is a stronger development platform than anything we’ve seen from Microsoft or it’s partners.

    RCP + SWT/JFace — it just makes sense.

  2. If people agree that Eclipse RCP should be on the list, why not send an e-mail to SD Times ( I am sure if the Eclipse community educates SD Times on Eclipse RCP it will be on the list next year.

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