Eclipse RCP RSS Reader

I must admit I am just getting into the world of Blogs, RSS and RSS Readers. I know, I am a bit slow. I’ve been using Bloglines as my RSS Reader and really struggle with the primitive browser interface. I just found an Eclipse RCP based reader called RSSOwl. This is cool stuff. Finally, I get to eat my own dog food. 🙂 Is there an Eclipse RCP client for actually creating blog postings?

3 thoughts on “Eclipse RCP RSS Reader

  1. I wrote one and gave it to Dave Johnson to use in his book on blogging. I don’t have a public place I could put it but I could send it out jim . adams @ sas . com

  2. I don’t think there’s any Java-based XML-RPC client for blogging, is there? There’s Ecto for the Mac and there’s w.Bloggar for Windoze. I was working on a Blosxom client called Catkin (using Qt), which I’m considering migrating to SWT and facilitating XML-RPC. But it’ll take time if I have to do it alone.

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