Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my new blog. I am the Director of Marketing for the Eclipse Foundation. I hope to use this blog to highlight some of the wonderful products, success and activities in the Eclipse ecosystem. I also hope to hear from people using Eclipse and get feedback on how the Eclipse Foundation can do a better job communicating to the community.

Stay tune.

3 Responses to Welcome to my new blog

  1. Ryan Lowe says:

    Welcome! As an Eclipse user and blogger for several years I’m very glad to see the members of the Eclipse Foundation starting blogs. Not only are you opening up yourself to more feedback but blogs and bloggers are
    very good at getting the word out. Here’s to more success for Eclipse!

    Ryan Lowe

  2. I refuse to learn more as my brain is just melting. I am looking forward to the holidays ending this year. Seems outr industry has slowed a lot this year.

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