Winners of Eclipse Community Award

March 27, 2014

Last week at EclipseCon we announced the winners of the Eclipse Community Awards. We have so many amazing community members but it is nice to recognized some who have really made a difference.  

This year the winners were:

1. Top Newcomer Evangelist: Dani Megert. Dani has been doing an amazing job on the Eclipse platform project so this is a nice recognition for his efforts.

2. Top Committer: Tom Schindl. Tom is a leader in moving the Eclipse community to JavaFx with e(fx)clipse. JavaFX is definitely the future for Java so Tom’s contributions are very important for the Eclipse community as a whole.

3. Lifetime Achievement Award: Markus Knauer. Markus is one of those community members that dedicates an amazing amount of time to ensuring the overall success of Eclipse. Due to his dedication and ongoing work the Eclipse community has the download packages. Markus is the guy the press the button on building and checking the packages for each release train. If it weren’t for Markus, the release train wouldn’t leave the station.  Thank you Markus for the work and commitment to Eclipse!

Most popular tutorials at EclipseCon

February 26, 2014

EclipseCon is less than 3 weeks away; hard to believe. We have another great schedule of sessions and lots of opportunity to network with Eclipse community members.

Leading up to the start of EclipseCon it is always interesting to see what tutorials are popular with attendees. As in previous years, Eclipse 4 tutorials are at the top and it is nice to see Orion, Paho/MQTT and Tycho rounding out the top 5.

  1. What every Eclipse developer should know about Eclipse 4 (e4)
  2. Xtreme Eclipse 4: A tutorial on advanced usages of the Eclipse 4 platform
  3. End to End WebApp Development with Orion
  4. Powering your next Internet of Things app with MQTT
  5. Building Eclipse Plug-ins and RCP Applications with Tycho


It is still not too late to register for EclipseCon or a tutorial. I hope to see you in California.






Announcing IoTLive

February 14, 2014

April 9 is Global IoT Day, so we have decided to organize a virtual conference, called IoTLive. In partnership with Postscapes (a great resource of IoT information) we plan to host a number of panel sessions on a variety of topics, including:

  • The Business of IoT
  • Industry Solutions
    (ex connected car, health, home)
  • IoT Standards and Protocols<
  • Open Software for IoT
  • Open Hardware for IoT
  • Connectivity & Mobile
  • Connecting the Enterprise<

Right now we are looking for speakers. The format of the event will be short presentations on a common topic, followed by a panel discussion. If you are interested in participating, let us know your proposal.


Introducing the updated Eclipse logo

February 13, 2014

Last fall we started a process to update the Eclipse logo. The existing logo had not been change since Eclipse was launched and it was showing its age. I am happy to announce we have finished the process and am pleased to introduce the updated Eclipse logo.





In December we started to test two of the final concepts. One concept was closer to the existing logo and the other a more significant change.  The feedback we heard from a lot of committers and the architecture council was that they preferred the concept closer to the existing logo. Another point of consistent feedback was to bring back the purple colour. Once we tested the logo with the purple colour the positive perception of the logo increased significantly.  The final result looks great and will serve the community well for the next number of years.

You can download the new logo and related Built On Eclispe, Eclipse Ready and Eclipse Foundation Members logos from our new artwork page.  We have also updated our trademark and logo guidelines to restrict the usage of the new logo to the Eclipse Foundation and our projects. This means the new logo can only be used to identify Eclipse and the Eclipse Foundation. Feel free to use it to link back to Eclipse but please don’t use it to create a derivative work for a new project or product.

The next steps will be to 1) include the new logo in the Luna release, 2) begin introducing it on our web site and 3) help projects update their own logos that might have used the old logo.

Thank you to everyone that provided feedback. It really helped get us to a great new logo.

Moving from Eclipse M2M to Eclipse IoT

February 6, 2014

We are in the process of renaming the Eclipse M2M initiative to Eclipse IoT. As I mentioned before, the working groups agreed to the change in December. It is a reflection that the tech industry is migrating to the more general and inclusive term ‘Internet of Things’ or IoT. I believe M2M will still be used, especially in the telco world, and we will still be active in ensuring open source wins for M2M solutions.

The renaming will continue over the next couple of weeks but I am very pleased with our new logo and the update web site.  The Internet of Things will win when it is open and I am excited the Eclipse IoT community is leading the way. Remember to join us for the Eclipse IoT Day at EclipseCon on March 19th. You can also follow our twitter id.

IoT Links #13

February 1, 2014

Weekly set of links from the IoT and M2M industry:

1. Cisco announces their IOx platform with the ‘catchy’ term fog computing.  Stacey Higginbotham from GigaOm does a nice job explaining the significance. This is also a good video from Cisco explaining the announcement.

2. Microsoft seems to be now claiming Windows Embedded as the hub for IoT.  Good luck with that.

3. Good article on using Node-Red.

4. IoT Award Winners from Postscapes.  Interesting collection of products and companies.


Current Status of Eclipse IoT Projects

January 30, 2014

This past Tuesday we hosted a conference call for all of the Eclipse IoT project leaders. We have many industry experts working on open source projects at Eclipse so there is an amazing opportunity to learn from each other. We also want to create an environment to these experts can collaborate, innovate and build a truly open Internet of Things.

One aspect of the call was for each project leader to provide a quick update on their current project. There has been so many new projects coming to Eclipse that even I can’t keep up on their status, so I found this incredibly useful. I also thought it might be useful for others, so here is a quick summary.

Implementation of Standards


- Java implementation of CoAP. Also includes a DLTS implementation.

- Project proposed in late December. Next step will be to go through creation review.


- Implementation of the OMA LightWeight M2M standard

- Project proposed in late 2013 and getting ready to do the creation review.


- Client implementation of MQTT standard. Langauge implementations include Java, JS, C, C++, Lua, Objective C

- Paho intends to join the Luna release train with the C and Java clients.


- Java implementation of the ETSi M2M standard

- Creation review has been scheduled.

IoT Services and Frameworks

Eclipse SCADA

- Java and OSGi set of services for building Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

- Source code is now in Eclipse repo and first milestone release is available.  Still need to create a project web site.


- Really small OSGi runtime. Current size is 314kb.

- Project created and almost ready to do the initial contribution.

Eclipse SmartHome

- Java and OSGi set of services for home automation integration.

- Parallel IP was granted, so code is available in repo. First binary should be available in Q1.

- They also have a very nice web site.


- Java and OSGi set of services for IoT/M2M gateways

- Code contributed and proceeding through the Eclipse IP process, expected to be finished in next couple of weeks on their github repo.

Unfortunately, the project leaders for Ponte, Mosquitto, Krikkit, Mihini and Koneki could not attend so I didn’t include their update.

Overall, 2014 is going to be an amazing year for open source IoT at Eclipse. It is going to be fun watching an industry defined by proprietary and closed solutions being disrupted by open standards and open source.


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