EclipseCon 2014: Diversity and Opportunity for Learning

December 19, 2013

The EclipseCon 2014 program and schedule was announced earlier this month. Ian Bull, the EclipseCon program committee chair, and the entire PC did a great job reviewing close 300 proposals to select 120 talks and 14 tutorials. The final results is a great program.

It seems to me EclipseCon 2014 is one of the most diverse programs we have had for an EclipseCon conference. There are still lots of great Eclipse RCP, Eclipse 4, Modeling, Lifecycle tools, Java development talks but there are speakers and topics that you might not expect at an EclipseCon.

This year the PC decided to invite some well-known speakers to present on topics that would be of interest to the Eclipse community but not necessarily about Eclipse. The list of invited speakers include:

- Jonas Boner, from Typesafe and Scala, will be talking about reactive programming. I am pretty sure he will also bring up the Reactive Manifesto.

- Ariya Hidayat, a well respect member of the JavaScript community, will talk about the next generation of JavaScript tooling.

- Alex Buckley, from Oracle and one of the technical leaders for the Java 8 release, will talk about the key feature being added to Java 8: lambdas.

- We will also have Nick Stinemates from docker, a new and growing in popularity container technology.

In addition to the invited speakers we have new topics that you don’t normally see at EclipseCon.

- There will be a complete day long track dedicated to Vert.x. Vert.x is a new Eclipse project but it also has a large existing community of users and adopers. Vert.x is new application platform that is critical for the IoT, mobile and web style of application development.

- Eclipse has a rapidly growing community of M2M and IoT projects. We will also have a day track dedicated to M2M so it will be a great way to introduce yourself to the emerging Internet of Things.

- Finally, we have a complete track dedicated to JavaScript development. A great opportunity to learn node.js, Orion, web application workflow, JavaScript typing and much more.

There is a lot of opportunity to learn new things. I think this tweet from Lars Vogela really reflect the opportunity for EclipseCon attendees

Looking forward to having everyone learn new things at EclipseCon 2014. Remember if you register before December 31, it will cost only $800 for the 4-day conference.

Update on new logo designs

December 17, 2013

We are getting great feedback on the design concepts for an updated Eclipse logos. Changing an existing logo can bring out a lot of passion in people and based  the feedback changing the Eclipse logo is no exception.

We started with four different concepts. Based on the feedback two seem to be the most interesting:

Concept 1 was the most popular based on the feedback from the web site.


Concept 2 was the most popular when I asked Eclipse committers, including the architecture council.


The next steps were to try to improve on both concepts. Concept 1 was a big change from the existing logo so we tried to make it look a bit more like the existing logo by adding the lines. Concept 2 needed some clean-up on the proportion of the graphic to the word. We also changed the font and colour to be those from concept 1.

Concept 1B

concept 1b

Concept 2b

concept 2b

We are going to test out these concepts to gauge the community perception of these two concepts. Based on the feedback we might also try to experiment with different colours and gradient. This will be a process but I do expect we will get an updated logo for the Eclipse community.

Testing New Logo Designs

December 6, 2013

As I mentioned last month we are going through a process of creating designs for an update Eclipse logo. We had some great ideas submitted through our crowd source project and now it is time to test out some of the better ones. Starting today we are going to display some of the new designs on Visitors to the web site will have an opportunity to +1, 0, or -1 on the design and provide comments. We are going to rotate through each design for 1-2 weeks to collect feedback from the community. I hope you enjoy the new designs.

UPDATE: Thanks for the feedback we are now testing 2 concepts. 

IoT / M2M Links #11

December 6, 2013

1. Wunderbar - looks like an interesting kit of hardware and software for IoT applications. They seem to be using MQTT for the message protocol.

2. Comparing bandwidth consumption between MQTT, AMQP and TCP – perfect illustration on why an IoT protocol like MQTT is needed.

3. New MQTT-SN (Sensor Networks) specification published – for really small devices with no TCP

4. Lots of analyst predictions about IoT in 2014 – not a big believer in the `Year of`meme but 2014 is going to be a fun year to be in IoT

- Here`s why 2014 will be the year of IoT

- Where is the Internet of Things heading in 2014


IoT / M2M Links #10

November 25, 2013

Interesting links for the IoT and M2M Industry.

1. Axeda support for new SalesForce1 platform

- SalesForce had their huge Dreamforce conference last week and a major theme was IoT. Axeda, a partner in Eclipse M2M, nailed it on the importance of machine data.

2. Amazon announced Kinesis service

- It looks like Amazon is getting into the IoT industry with its recently announce Kinesis service that will support for the real-time processing of data streams. I wonder if it has MQTT support?

3. Makers and developers are important for IoT

- Nice to see other articles about the importance of makers and developers for the IoT / M2M industry, picking up on my previous rant about telcos missing out on developers.

4. Thingmonk

- If you are in London or can easily get to London for Dec. 2-3 I would suggest attending the Thingmonk event. It has a great line-up of speakers from the IoT industry and there is a ton of IoT innovation happening in London. I will be there.


Testing the Interoperability Promise of MQTT

November 22, 2013

IoT and M2M industry desperately needs to have open protocols that promote interoperability between different solutions and applications. The current state of the industry is a set of proprietary or best vertical oriented protocols that lead to silos of technology, not a network.

MQTT is gaining a lot of interest as a messaging protocol to fit this need. It is being standardized at Oasis. We have great open source implementations available at Eclipse Paho, Eclipse Mosquito and other places. There are many vendors providing MQTT support. However, like any good standard, testing is how you prove that it actually works.

The time has come to test the promise of MQTT interoperability. To do so, we are organizing the first MQTT Interoperability Testing Day on March 17 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport (This is the location for the EclipseCon conference). We would like to invite the many different MQTT based products, open source projects and solutions to participate. You do not have to be using Paho or Mosquito. The goal is to test as many different clients and servers to prove MQTT interoperability.

More details are available, including sign-up information. It is going to be a great event and a great opportunity to meet people who are working on MQTT implementations. I hope to see you there.

IoT / M2M Links #9

November 15, 2013

Some interesting links from the IoT and M2M industry.

1. Adding OAuth to MQTT

A  couple of blog post from people thinking of adding OAuth to MQTT. Identity and authentication are issues that really have not been suitable addressed in IoT. It is great to see people talking about it. Next we need an open source identity framework for IoT at Eclispe.

OAuth binding for MQTT from Paul Madsen

Using OAuth 2.0 with MQTT from Paul Fremantle

2. M2M Platforms

-Bosch has written article to define what an M2M/ IoT platform should feature

- M2Mi is a new M2M platform vendor that I have not come across before. They look interesting…

3.  OASIS MQTT Draft 15

The OASIS MQTT TC has published their draft 15 spec.

4. Bonus Link – My rant about Telco missing out on developers.



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